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Pay forward…… Adopt a seeding not to grow for yourself but for prosperity. Get involved in the development of Namibian youth and vulnerable.

Our Social Responsibility Excellence Objectives:

  • Enhance access to nourishing food within communities.


  • Implement and uphold sustainable agricultural practices to enhance food production.


  • Add value to agricultural products, optimizing their utility.


  • Empower through education to combat the impact of food scarcity.


  • Raise awareness and take action to achieve Zero Hunger (UN Sustainable Development Goal).


Unparalleled Achievements:

Development Milestones (2022)

Pioneered new sustainable agricultural initiatives and bolstered existing projects.


Success Highlights: In just 12 months, Good Food Namibia forged invaluable partnerships with essential stakeholders, including the government, international organizations, the private sector, small entrepreneurs, and a diverse range of sponsors.


  • Empowered 2,118 women, youth, and children with special needs.


  • Provided training and exposure to 5,132 individuals.


  • Empowered a total of 7,437 Namibians, including men and the unemployed.


  • Created 278 jobs.


  • Supplemented meals by providing 14,400 per week, totaling 748,800 per year.


Empowered 2,118 women, youth, and children with special needs.

Conference Link supports the Good Food Namibia project

The Good Food Namibia Project is a proudly Namibian initiative that is promoting and strengthening the public-private partnership for food security, aiming to empower Namibians to implement and manage sustainable backyard gardens, thus contributing towards the Zero Hunger drive in Namibia.



Good nutrition plays a crucial role in influencing the health, development, and academic performance of school children.


A balanced diet provides children with the energy they need to stay active and alert throughout the school day. Adequate carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats help maintain stable blood sugar levels, preventing energy crashes and improving focus and attention span.


Sustainable Gardens


By integrating eco-friendly practices and involving the community, these gardens not only provide fresh, healthy food but also contribute to environmental sustainability and community development.


Food Security Program


Partner with organizations that focus on food security to connect garden produce with individuals and families facing hunger.


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