School Gardens Set up Pioneer through Letshego Social Corporate Responsibilities of the School Gardens 2019.

Starting/setup School Gardens , This is the process which involved all the aspects of starting a suitable school garden to provide hands-on learning opportunities and cater to students with diverse learning styles.

The setting up of the school gardens at both schools commenced with the engagement with Directorate of Education, Arts and Culture as well as the school management who assisted us in determining where the garden will be situated. The two beneficiary‚Äôs schools have already the exciting gardens, however most of those gardens are not setup according to the standard of gardening which are not up to standard.  Therefore, Food Namibia revamped the existing gardens at the two schools selected as per the standard.


The engagement with beneficiaries on the setup of the gardens, Food Namibia took into consideration the Food and Agriculture Organisation Setting up and running a school manual for teachers, parents and community, select a site, design the garden, decide what to plant, preparation of the soil including the implements, fertiliser, manure and equipment such as water tanks, shade nets, wires, rakes and wheelbarrows.

Benefiation Schools: Romanus Kamunoko Secondary School and Divundu Combined School Gardens 

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