In our introduction to our team, we briefly touched on the love for our people and the love for our country, our people and giving back to the community.  Through this mutual passion we had the pleasure of meeting two ladies, Michelle Inixas and Jessica le Grange who are involved in various small community outreach programs through (COSDEF).  The Namibian Skills Development Foundation is a non-profit organization whose aim is to assist communities to address the training needs of the economically and academically disadvantaged through provision of technical, vocational, business, self-employability and workplace essential skills as well as SME support.


Through COSDEF and OYETO outreach program began a dream journey through Namibia which we bring to you, This is our way to introduce you to our people, interact with and learn their craft but also bring hope to those you meet, while experiencing the most beautiful parts of our country.


The Story of Oyetu Oyetu “It is ours” in Oshiwambo Namibian Language is an outreach skills program serving disadvantaged people and rural crafters throughout Namibia.  The aim is to increase income-earning potential but also take skills training to all regions within Namibia and establish craft tailor made tourist maps. All groups receive a no-cost two year technical and business training. To date OYETU has trained 11 groups and we are ready to introduce them to you.


Sounds Amazing???  Yes it does and here are the tour highlights we have to offer Depending on your time available, craft of interest or specific interest in area of our beautiful country, events Link Africa can package the perfect interactive tour.


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